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Catchment Condition Reporting

Every five years the Victorian Catchment Management Council is required under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 to report to Parliament, through the Minister for Environment, on the condition and management of Victoria's land and water resources.

This fourth such Report provides a snapshot of the condition of our catchments and just how well we are managing and maintaining our crucial land and water resources and the many services they provide. There are two key findings derived from the assessment of available information on Victoria’s land and water resources, and Council has made three recommendations which it believes would make a difference, and lead to significant improvements in policy and practice of integrated catchment management in Victoria.

The Victorian Catchment Management Council is proud to announce the release of the 2012 Catchment Condition and Management Report.

Catchment Condition and Management Report 2012 (4mb)

The map below summarises the overall catchment condition across the selected themes.

Analysis of the information available led Council to the following key findings:
1. The need for effective processes for condition assessment
2. The need for an Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) plan

CCMR 2012 Summary Map

  • *‘Qualitative’ refers to the Council’s interpretation of available information and expert opinion in deriving the catchment condition ratings in this map

  • Recommendations:

    • 1. That robust processes be established to determine the condition of the State’s land and water resources and the effectiveness of land protection measures.

    2. That this crucial function be assigned to an independent and appropriately resourced entity, with the task of reporting annually on progress towards the implementation of these processes, and on overall condition every six years.

  • 3. That a State Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) plan be developed which defines, explicitly, the quality of the land and water resources that will maintain and enhance long term land productivity while also conserving the environment. 

Luminaries of the Catchment Management Framework

VCMC decided to acknowledge and celebrate the establishment of the Catchment and Land Protection Act (1994) during 2014,  the 20th anniversary of setting up the Catchment Management Framework in this State.  The report is the outcome of that decision.

The selection of ten luminaries of the Catchment Management Framework over the period 1994-2014 was undertaken by the project team, Patricia Geraghty and Tracey Koper. Selection was based on criteria such as standing, state and regional perspectives, policy and operational experience, involvement in establishment and consolidation phases and potential diversity of perspectives. However, there are many more luminaries in the Catchment Management Framework in Victoria and they too should tell their stories. 

The project team worked with consultants Annie Bolitho and Brian Coffey in the inception and  development of the project. The report is the consultants’ work.  

VCMC Luminaries Report (352kb)

Knowledge Management

The Victorian Catchment Management Council (VCMC) has advocated for improved knowledge management in natural resources management (NRM) in Victoria for some year, primarily through the development of the Catchment Condition Reports in 2002 and 2007.

The VCMC undertook to develop an integrated knowledge frameworkfor NRM from the Victorian perspective, concentrating on the key principles and objectives, rather than the operational detail. The paper was developed through the VCMC's Catchment Condition and Knowledge Committee and the long-running Natural Resources Knowledge Management Expert Panel.

Strategic Framework for Knowledge Management paper (0.3mb)

Landcare and Indigenous Engagement

The VCMC has an ongoing commitment to Indigenous engagement in land and water management which has been demonstrated through its history in several ways.

In 2006, Council published a VCMC Position/Perspective Paper on Indigenous Engagement in Victoria, which presented an overview of the current status on Indigenous engagement in NRM in Victoria and provided advice on how Indigenous engagement within the catchment management framework in Victoria could be improved.

In mid-2009, VCMC hosted a statewide workshop for CMA-based Indigenous Facilitators and other regional staff to identify barriers and solutions to Indigenous participation in CMA-led NRM activities. A follow-up workshop was held in 2010 for CMAs and relevant state and federal agencies to consider ways to increase levels of Indigenous employment in NRM activities. The need for strong leaadership in Victoria to champion and facilitate involvement of Indigenous communities in NRM activities was identfied as a critical step in moving forward. VCMC is continuing its work in this area.

VCMC Position Paper on Indigenous Engagement in Victoria (0.3mb)

Aboriginal Participation Guidelines have been produced collaboratively by the Regional Indigenous Facilitators across all 10 Victorian CMAs, with significant consultation with Indigenous parties across the State. The Guidelines are a tool for use by CMAs to help establish a state-wide approach for improved participation and engagement of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities in natural resource management.

CMA Aborginial Participation Guideline (1.8mb)

CMA Aboriginal Participation Guideline Implementation Plan (3.5mb)

Catchment Management Almanac

Our approach to catchment management is continously evolving. The Almanac is an attempt to identify and list events in chronological order. Catchment Management Almanac (0.4mb)